Lesson learned

Always back up your photos off your flash card ASAP! I just learned this the hard way.

Last weekend I was in PEI for a wedding and took a bunch of photos while I was there. I hadn’t yet had a chance to transfer them to my computer having had a busy week. This evening I decided to head out to the race track again for another chance at shooting my cousin’s races. When I got to the track and turned on my camera, I saw a message on the display that I had never seen before, “Error reading card”. Odd I thought, so I turned my camera off and then back on. I took a couple test shots and all seemed fine. That was until I got home and went to transfer my photos to my computer. It seems all my PEI photos had been wiped out. I know there’s recovery software, but seeing as I had filled up about 90% of the card tonight, there wasn’t much point in trying it out.

So don’t suffer my fate. Always back up your photos from your flash card ASAP. I know I will always be prompt about doing so in the future. I now understand why the pro’s have small onsite backup drives with them! While I lost some personal photos, it could have been worse. They could have been photos from a paid shoot that were lost forever. Had I been paid to shoot the weddding……..how do you explain that one to the client?!?!?


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