Photo Manipulation

Chase Jarvis had an interesting post the other day about how some say photography today is on a downward slop with photoshop. These “purists” claim that the masters before us didn’t have this luxury and didn’t tamper with their images. Check out Chase’s post to see the marked up photo he has from Richard Avedon, which is covered in instructions in red marker to his printer.

Photographers have been manipulating their images for almost as long as they have been taking them. Where do these “purists” think the dodge and burn tools in photoshop got their names? Yes things can be taken too far, but I don’t see anything wrong with some manipulation if it makes for a stronger or more visually interesting photo.


3 Responses to “Photo Manipulation”

  1. hagen Says:

    I definitely agree with you Scott. There are many sides to any creative art. Binding yourself rigidly to one mode is to close your mind; then you stop learning and the journey ends.

    I once heard that Ansel Adams spent 2 years working on post production of one image.

  2. hagen Says:

    On the extreme end of photo manipulation, we find art. One design blog I follow has a series of art photos, some fantastical, some disturbing but all based on photos, digital manipulation and are all art.

    So it seems that in all human endeavours, there is a continuum with everything in between two extremes.

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