Another Lighting Workshop

A couple of weekends ago, I was off to another lighting workshop. This one was courtesy of Don Giannatti. Somehow I stumbled across his Lighting Essentials blog about a year ago, and have been following along ever since. It was 2 full days of all out lighting, 8am to 5pm. Funny how the time flies by when you’re having fun. It was an intense weekend of learning. Don covered everything from studio lights and small flash, to umbrellas, bounce tools, light meters, beauty dishes, and working with models. I’m sure I’ve left something out. Don has been doing this stuff for a long time and has a vast amount of knowledge. He even ended the weekend with a session on ‘going pro’ if you were able to stick around. So Sunday didn’t end at 5pm, it was more like 8pm. Did I mention it was a long weekend? I learned a lot and am ready to start putting it to practice.

I have posted a few photos from that weekend. I will probably post some more once I have had a chance to sift through them all.


4 Responses to “Another Lighting Workshop”

  1. michaelgauthier Says:

    Hi Scott – I don’t know if you have seen it yet or not, but Don has used one of your photos on his blog describing the Toronto class. Nice work. I almost went to that class, but I will make one of them next year for sure. Sounds like you would recommend it?
    Michael Gauthier

    • scottmartinphoto Says:

      Hey Michael. Thanks for leaving the comment. I did happen to see the article earlier today. And yes I would recommend his workshop. I may even try a second session next year, time and money permitting. I’m sure as I get more experience with my lighting I will have more questions for him. He really knows his stuff!

  2. michaelgauthier Says:

    Scott – thanks for the positive thoughts on Don’s workshops. I’ve signed up for Harry’s Ottawa 67’s workshop in February – did you take the last one he did? mg

    • scottmartinphoto Says:

      I took that course last year. It was challenging and a lot of fun. I had never shot anything that fast paced before. My better shots definitely came in the latter half of the game as I got used to the speed. You’ll enjoy it! If you take a look at Harry’s latest post, there’s a shot of me at the game last year.

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