A look back at 2009…

My photography took a big leap in 2009. There was lots of learning and I saw definite steps forward in my technique and results.

Things got off to an early start in January when I decided to sign up for Harry Nowell‘s sports photography course, which included photographing an Ottawa 67’s hockey game. I liked Harry’s class so much that I decided to sign up for his pro program, for some assistance and insight in getting myself established as a working photographer. Harry is a great teacher and his mentoring has been very beneficial.

2009 was definitely a big year of firsts in my young photographic career:

  • photographing a semi-pro hockey game
  • photographing the Canadian Whitewater Slalom National team trials
  • photographing a cycling race
  • getting started with off camera lighting
  • working with models
  • photographing auto racing
  • photographing a signed touring band – Die Mannequin
  • I started my first blog
  • I’m excited to see where 2010 takes me!


One Response to “A look back at 2009…”

  1. Harry Nowell Says:

    Thanks for the note Scottie.
    You’ve progressed well!
    Good things are coming in 2010!

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