Doggy headshots

I’ve been working a little more with my one light setup and my dog Tupper. This session was fairly easy for him. All he had to do was lie on the bed and listen to me whistle at him once in a while to get his attention back.

For the previous set, the light was closer to Tupper than it was to me, giving his far side a deep shadow which makes for a dramatic photo. This time around, I had the light positioned fairly close to me, thus throwing more light on the other side of his head and opening up the shadows.

Next time out, I’ll be trying a 2 light setup and seeing what sort of results I get. Better stock up on the milkbones!


One Response to “Doggy headshots”

  1. Harry Nowell Says:

    Keep it up!
    Looking forward to the 2 light set-up…


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