About Me

I bought my first camera back in 2001, the day before I was headed on a trip to Ireland with some friends who were off to perform as the house band for the Killarney Summerfest. Since they’d be on stage performing, I figured I’d take some pictures for them. It was my first digital camera and I really didn’t understand all the settings. When it came to taking pictures of the guys on stage, they absolutely sucked (the photos – not the band!). The rest of my pictures on the trip fared better, but they still weren’t great.

Over the next few years my interest in photography grew. I started taking courses and getting a better understanding of my camera and photography in general. With my love for music, and having friends in a band, it just made sense that I should be photographing live music. My concert photography has come a long way since those early days and I look forward to taking it further in the coming years.

Aside from live music, I also enjoy shooting sports. It doesn’t really matter what, as long as it’s fast paced. I have also started to develop an interest in studio lighting. I have lot’s to learn when it comes to lighting, but I’m always up for a good challenge.


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