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Canadian Whitewater Slalom National Team Trials

September 25, 2009

Earlier this year I had a chance to head out and shoot the Canadian Whitewater Slalom National Team Trials. The event was organized by the Ottawa River Runners and was held at “The Pumphouse”, their facility in downtown Ottawa. I was there assisting local photographer Harry Nowell who had been invited out by the club to document the event.

I attended the Friday and Saturday afternoon sessions. The weather on Friday was a bit of a mixed bag, from drizzle, to clouds, with a little hint of sunshine. Saturday was a much nicer day with plenty of sunshine and warmer temperatures.

I thought I was having some success Friday afternoon, but was disappointed when I got home and had a chance to look at my shots in more detail. Examining my photos I saw that I was doing well with my exposures, but I noticed that timing was key when shooting paddlers. I was quickly deleting many photos as it always seemed a paddle or shoulder was obstructing the view of the paddler’s face.

I headed back out Saturday having gained quite a bit looking through Friday’s shots, and found my results improved greatly. I concentrated more on my timing, making sure to capture faces. I was also getting better exposures having seen my issues from the day before with the bright sun reflecting off of the water.

Below are some of my shots from that weekend. I look forward to getting back out to The Pumphouse next summer. It is a great facility, and a wonderful spot for shooting the paddlers as they ride the whitewater.